Research on key issues is a core activity of the Centre. Currently the Gender Centre’s research is primarily invested in the following issues:

Violence Against Women

The Gender Centre has conducted extensive nationwide research on Violence Against Women, and Domestic Violence in general. A report of this research was published in the book, Violence Against Women & Children In Ghana. 

The Gender Centre’s latest publication, The Architecture for Violence Against Women in Ghana, is a continuation of the initial research conducted ten years ago. The book builds on its predecessor by looking further into the range of cultural aspects that affect violence against women, including social, economic and religious practices in Ghana.

Gender and the Spread of HIV in Ghana

The centre’s most current research is on the links between gender violence and HIV/AIDS transmission to women and girls, which also resulted in the publication of Gender Norms, Violence Against Women, HIV/AIDS, a Case Study In Ghana.

Those interested may purchase copies of these publications by contacting the Gender Centre.

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