Case Studies from Funding Leadership Opportunities for Women (FLOW) project

This project funded by Womankind Wordwide (UK) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands is working to ensure that women and girls access leadership opportunities in all areas of their lives as well as political/governance positions.

The following case stories are from young women participating in the programme in a meeting in Akosombo

Wanted to be a pilot but her father told her not to do it because it is a man’s job and it will be too complicated for me as a woman to take up that job. I also loved drawing and wanted to be an architect but her father objected to that saying she should take up a job like a head mistress of a school or a nurse which is more suitable for females than her initial love to aspire to be a pilot or an architect. I hope such training will reach fathers like my own not to suppress the dreams of their little girls because of some societal construed roles. My dream was shattered by my father but thanks to empowerment programme like this, dreams will not be shattered again because both men and women have the rights to peruse any career regardless of their sex or gender.

My father is very abusive and has threatens many times to throw us out of his house. Whenever my mum decides to leave him he says he will die if she leaves and this I believe has kept my mum still around. He actually fights with us at times and beat us. My mum nevertheless is helping him to put up a building which is on my father’s share of their family land. My mum sees nothing wrong with that, from the little that I have learnt here, I am feeling a bit jittery about it and with my equipment with the domestic violence laws and the women’s right laws both from the Universal declaration of human rights and the 1992 constitution of Ghana which allow women to owe lands, and coupled with the fact that family lands belong to the family, I will advice my mum on her actions this is because clearly from the discussions so far my dad can throw us out and my mum will lose a lot.

My friend cooks and washes for the boyfriend, almost all the time. In return, the boy provides her with almost all her needs. Some of our other friends wish they had guys like hers regardless of her wasting her time of study to offer such services for him. I have learnt here that I should set principles in the relationship and that the principles that we both set in the beginning of the relationship is what will transpire to the end. I have learnt to be assertive even in relationships and to questions boys on where they get their money because some of them may be stealing money to provide those needs for their girlfriends.


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