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The Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre (GSHRDC), established in 1995, is a non- profit, non-government organization committed to working for the promotion and protection of the human rights of women. Specifically, the Center was founded with the mission of compiling information on women and human rights issues to support assertions about women’s human rights issues and to help integrate women’s concerns and perspectives into mainstream programmes, projects and policies addressing social and development issues.


To create a knowledge base through research, advocacy and allied activities on issues of critical importance to women aimed at law and policy reform for the promotion and protection of women’s human rights and their full development.


Our vision is a society where women’s rights are fully promoted and protected and they are able to participate in national development at all levels.
Our Core Values

  • Respect for the fundamental rights of all persons, including women and the recognition of the inalienability, indivisibility and interdependence of human rights
  • Promoting and enhancing opportunities for gender equality and empowerment
  • Promoting and enhancing opportunities for gender equality and empowerment
  • Creating an enabling environment that supports and nurtures individual and collective development and
  • Commitment to accurate knowledge transfer and information sharing

Theory of Change

We identify the following three conditions as prerequisites for the attainment of our vision.

•Existence of Gender sensitive laws and policies
•A society that supports and upholds women’s rights
•Women empowered to act as their own key agents of change

In order to achieve these preconditions(above) ,the Gender Centre works in the areas of research, documentation, publication, development of IE&C materials, advocacy, networking & coalition building  and  capacity building  training. All these interventions are aimed at  achieving the three preconditions for the attainment of the vision.

The  outcome indicators measure the progress of the interventions towards the realization of the preconditions.

Even though the main beneficiaries of the Gender Centre’s work are women and children in Ghana, the organization has learnt that the involvement of various stakeholders are necessary for a holistic response to achieving women’s rights and gender equality. As a result,  men as well as traditional leaders, religious leaders and staff of state agencies such as police, the District Assembly, etc are also targeted in programme activities. These people are often the influencers within communities and  so they help the organization in establishing the three preconditions for the attainment of the vision.

To see the full Theory of Change Model please click here : Theory of change

Ongoing Projects

  1. Cell phones against sexual violence: using mobile technology to promote Safer Schools (in collaboration VOTO mobile & Amplify Change) 
  2. Tackling the pervasive social issue if VAW in Ghana: Using Community Based  Action Team (COMBAT) to prevent Violence against women and girls (in partnership SPH UG/WhatWorks/UKaid)



  • UK’s Department for International Development (DfID -UK) – www.dfid.gov.uk




  • African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) – www.awdf.org





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