Creating an enabling environment for gender equality & empowerment

The Gender Centre was formed by four women human rights activists, Akua Kuenyehia, Emelia Adjepong, Dorcas Coker-Appiah, and Joana Foster. In the period after the Vienna Conference on Human Rights but before the Beijing World Conferences on Women, these four women found a gap in the availability of data and information on women’s human rights issues. They recognized that there was no central source of such information that could be made available to the many women’s groups operating in the country. The Gender Centre was created to close this gap.

In addition, the GSHRDC was also established for numerous other reasons: 

    • To coordinate the dispersed efforts of NGOs and individuals working towards the empowerment of women.
    • To provide a resource and networking facility with like-minded women’s organisations.
    • To research gender issues.
    • To develop the capacity of organisations to undertake effective lobbying and policy advocacy and provide organisational technical support.