Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre (GSHRDC) is a not for profit, non-governmental organisation established in August 1995 with the aim of addressing a pressing need for a place where information on women and human rights issues could be obtained as part of attempts to integrate women's concerns and perspectives into mainstream programmes, projects and policies addressing social and developmental issues.


The Gender Centre envisions a society where women’s rights are fully promoted and protected and one in which women are able to participate in national development at all levels.


Our mission is to create a knowledge base through research, advocacy, and allied activities on issues of critical importance to women. In turn, this will help to produce law and policy reform for the promotion and protection of women’s human rights and their full development.

Core Values
  • Respect for the fundamental rights of all persons, including women and the recognition of the inalienability, indivisibility and interdependence of human rights
  • Promoting and enhancing opportunities for gender equality and empowerment
  • Creating an enabling environment that supports and nurtures individual and collective development
  • Commitment to accurate knowledge transfer and information sharing.
Focus Area

Reducing Violence against Women and Children.

  • Research
  • Development & Publication of Informational, Educational and Communication (IEC) Materials
  • Training
  • Advocacy & Networking

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