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The Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre (GSHRDC) researches gender issues in Ghana and provides data for effective lobbying and policy advocacy. We were the first organisation in the country to conduct a nationwide study on Violence against Women (VAW). Our study formed the basis for the work of many NGOs on VAW. It confirmed that VAW was a dire issue in Ghana and recommended structures to address it. The study led to the formation of the Community-Based Action Teams (COMBAT) intervention, which has been adopted by other NGOs, as a Rural Response System (RRS) to contest VAW. As part of GSHRDC project activities, our organisation conducts baseline surveys, monitors project implementation, and provides teaching and sharing forums.

Informational, Educational & Communication (IEC) Materials

IEC materials are developed and distributed to educate the populace on violence and, in turn, lead to positive behavioural change as a result. These materials include a range of printed products like posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, and booklets. Additionally, we engage with the public through radio and television broadcasts.

Advocacy & Networking

GSHRDC is a member of several networks and coalitions and participates in various advocacy and network activities aimed at improving the general wellbeing of women and girls. The organisation strives towards improved policy and legal advocacy on women’s rights issues through research. It employs networking, coalition building, and partnerships as strategies for sharing information and creating consensus around specific women’s rights issues, and for mapping out advocacy strategies to push for change.


GSHRDC organises training workshops for community members, government institutions and other organisations. Participants are trained on various topics such as Gender, Violence, Governance Issues, Family Laws, Counselling and Mediation.